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Our Story

The Beginning of Our Brand

One day when I was in Target, I picked up a shirt that simply said Weekend.  It was cute so I purchased it.  However, later when I reflected on my purchase, I realized that the message on the shirt wasn’t powerful or profound, it was just the word weekend.

After I made that purchase I realized that I wanted the messages that I wear to impact others in a positive way by leading their thoughts to Christ.  So with my new found mindset Blue Lamb Apparel, a faith based clothing brand was born.

What's Behind the Name?

You are probably wondering where the name Blue Lamb Apparel came from.  Well, my husband and I decided on this name in honor of our son Brayden, whose life and death propelled us into ministry. 

Brayden was an intelligent and funny child full of personality.  He was our first born, the child we prayed so hard to have.  Unfortunately, when Bradyen was only five years old, he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, an aggresive pediatric brain cancer that quickly took his life.

Although, the loss of Brayden was extremely painful, God saw fit to birth ministry out of our family.  What the devil meant for harm God turned into a source of healing and inspiration.  For this reason, we praise God for Brayden's life and the ministry He has birthed in us through his death.

To watch our testimony Click Here.


As a baby and a toddler, Brayden's favorite cuddle toy was a blue lamb.  He loved it so much it went everywhere we went and became a special part of our family.  So we thought no other name could be more fitting for our clothing line than the name Blue Lamb Apparel. 

Giving Back        

To further honor Brayden’s memory a percentage of the proceeds from our clothing sales will go to support families who are caring for terminally ill children.  God sent so many individuals to financially support us through our darkest hours that the least we can do is give back in the same manner.

God bless and we pray that if you are going to wear a shirt with a message on it, that you make sure the message counts!  Thank you for checking out our store.

SaMonna Watts and Family